What I do

Free Hosting

With Jack Web Design, I will host your website completely free of charge on my servers, and will ensure your website is always live! I own, manage and maintain my own ‘load balanced’ clustered hosting network, giving your web pages superior speed and reliability, which ensures your website will stay online and running quickly at all times.

Website Design:

Website design has become a powerful advertising and marketing tool, which helps enable businesses to promote their products and services worldwide. Jack Web Design has ample experience, providing current, professional, bespoke, promotional design to meet your requirements; whether it be for yourself or your business.

Content Managing:

I provide new web design solutions to suit any individual business and work closely with my clients to fully fullfill their website requirements. In addition, I also offer a CMS System (Content Management System), which enables my clients to edit and update their website with fresh and relevant information.


I work very closely with my clients to ensure their web sites accurately reflect their business and give them the edge over their competition. Whatever you are looking for, I can help design the right image for you!


Photographs are the primary way to show off your business and I work very closely with my clients to get the best out of the images that we have available. I can use stock images to help enhance the existing collection but this should only be when certain images are not available.

Data Capture:

Data Capture is key part of any web site and I can add a variety of different form types to your web site. If these forms are well positioned and easy to complete they can become very effective ways of gathering useful information from people viewing the web site.


I cater for a wide range of business sectors and budgets.

Diverse Range of Complexity:

I offer a choice of levels of sophistication in terms of both design and functionality with differing price points, but always competitive.


Why not free your staff from spending time on website updates? An annual website maintenance contract is more cost effective. Secure your peace of mind by ensuring that your website is regularly updated and professionally maintained.

Keeping your website updated is vital for keeping your customers (and the search engines) interested. Displaying out of date information on your website is a missed opportunity, and gives a poor image of your company instead of creating a positive impression. This is why I will update and maintain your website whenever you need for just a small charge (done by the hour). No matter what you need, from new pages, to new products being listed; I will keep your website fresh with content to ensure your customers stay interested and up-to-date.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to update your website yourself, there will be no further charges. All you will need to pay is the initial charge for creating the website and then hosting will remain free forever. <!–

Maintenance Fees (if applicable)

per month
  • 10 New Posts
  • 2 New Pages
  • Email Repairs
  • Skype Support
  • Basic Hosting Issues